After a consultation and 1:1 movement/posture assessment, a deep core focus program is designed. Pelvic floor retraining, corrective exercise, and hormone support (peri, menopause, post menopause) training is incorporated into each clients program as deemed necessary.
Nutrition coaching is provided throughout the program based on age, goals, and needs.
Each program is as unique as the person and will be adjusted as needed. Personalized stretches, mobility routine, and exercises are given for you to be able to continue forever, after all, there is no one size fits all when it comes to each of our unique movement and fitness needs.
My goal at the end of our time together is that you feel confident in how to best nourish your body without guilt, shame, or looking for a quick fix. You will also have a “toolbox” full of exercises that will serve your body best.
Since rest and recovery are just as important in your wellness as your exercise, you’ll be given all the tips to detox from stress and get a great night of sleep by supporting healthy cortisol, melatonin, and serotonin levels.
Each client receives your own personalized workbook with Movement, Nutrition, and Sleep Support sections.

OPTION ONE    $799

    ONE 60 minute

    one-on-one training sessions     per week

    (12 sessions)

    OPTION TWO    $1,549

      TWO 60 minute

      one-on-one training sessions     per week

      (24 Sessions)


      OPTION THREE    $2,149

        THREE 60 minute

        one-on-one training sessions     per week

        (36 Sessions)


        you could be eligible for

        HSA / FSA



        After a consultation and 1:1 movement/posture assessment, you’ll receive a personalized workbook full of stretches and exercises that are tailored to your needs and goals. Your workbook also contains nutrition tips to help you succeed and feel your best in every circumstance and macronutrient suggestions based on your age, lifestyle, goals, and needs. Since rest and recovery are just as important as exercise in helping you feel your best, you’ll enjoy the Sleep Support section filled with tips to help you not just get a good night’s sleep, but support your cortisol, melatonin, and serotonin levels.

        What YOu Get


          • (4) Weekly Zoom Sessions
          • Workbook with personalized Exercise/mobility, nutrition coaching, sleep support sections
          • (1) 30 minute Private Zoom Session with a Registered Dietician

          • Weekly group zoom meetup 
          • 1:1 movement/posture assessment 
          • Recipes for the month
          • Macro suggestions based on needs/goals
          • Access to your Coach
          • Emotional Wellness Workshop

          Additional add-ons available:

          • Guided grocery store shopping trip to help you with reading labels, making healthier choices, taking out the overwhelm.

          • 1:1 Personal training/Corrective Exercise/Mobility Sessions


          programs for all fitness levels


          Join other women on the same journey as you, navigating perimenopause and menopause in this informative webinar.

          You may have felt alone, frustrated, and like your body isn’t yours anymore. “What are all these weird new symptoms bombarding me? Is this just what middle age is supposed to feel like? Why is nothing I’m doing working anymore?” Have you asked these questions? You may have wanted help but felt you weren’t important, there is no solution, or even been told this is just something you have to go through as an aging woman. 

          Well, I’m here to help! I am a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, and continued my education as a Menopause Fitness Specialist. As someone that has been on this journey myself for the past few years, I know how it feels to leave the doctors office in tears feeling unimportant, unheard and broken. That’s what led me on a quest to find answers and solutions based on science backed research, and I want to share that with every woman I can, so you can feel like you should, that you are in the prime of your life! After all, you now have the knowledge, wisdom, and experience to do just about anything with confidence, so why should your “crazy hormones” take that away? It absolutely should not! 

          During this webinar we will take a deep dive into perimenopause and beyond. 

          We will discuss symptoms and solutions! Bring all of your questions, concerns, and experiences so that we can address them all. 

          Webinar Topics


            • What is perimenopause?
            • Exercise recommendations specific to this phase of your life
            • Nutrition Guidelines
            • Gut Health
            • Vitamins and Supplements
            • Cortisol Balancing
            • Pelvic floor health/Diaphragmatic breathing/posture reset
            • Referrals to qualified medical professionals
            • What to talk about with your doctor

            You will leave this webinar empowered with a toolbox full of information to navigate your future with confidence. I can’t wait to see you!

            pelvic floor retraining

            Pelvic floor retraining is an option for people with mild to moderate pelvic floor dysfunction that can be addressed in your program.  However, severe cases where prolapse is present or client needs are beyond my scope of practice are referred to a pelvic floor physical therapist for needed assessment and treatment and then referred back to me when the therapist feels the client is ready to continue with retraining and strengthening.

            Pelvic floor retraining involves using specific exercises and methods to strengthen the pelvic floor and reduce symptoms associated with pelvic floor dysfunction.  The goals of pelvic floor retraining are twofold: to increase strength of the pelvic floor musculature and to reeducate the patient to gain control of these muscles. I also encourage all clients to see a pelvic floor physical therapist annually for assessment and treatment, if needed.

            All of this is carefully considered and programming is designed to support your goals, at any age.

            Price is Based on individual needs after consultation with trainer


            Hip prehab and recovery training focuses on engaging the core and muscles around the hips such as the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, and more. These muscles are essential for proper hip movement, stability, and balance. During hip prehab and recovery training, exercises are prescribed to target these areas. Common exercises include squats, lateral walk, bridge, etc.

            The main purpose of hip prehab and recovery training is to increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles surrounding the hips. It can help improve balance and stability to reduce the risk of further injuries and conditions that can affect the hips. It can also improve range of motion in the hips, helping with improved flexibility and mobility.

            Hip prehab and recovery training is an important step for anyone preparing to have hip surgery or recovering from an injury or surgery.  I will work with you and design a specialized program that is tailored to your individual needs. Together, you can work on restoring mobility, strength, and stability to the hip joint. With a comprehensive hip prehab and recovery program, you will be well on your way to improved function and quality of life.

            price included in strong to core program


            Hormone Fitness Training is an exercise and nutrition program designed to help clients increase their overall energy, hormone balance, fitness levels, and health. The program combines scientifically proven exercises and nutrition strategies that work together to give you the best results. It emphasizes a healthy lifestyle and provides you with the tools and support you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

            The program begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current health and fitness levels and your goals. With the results, as your trainer, I’ll create a tailored plan that includes nutrition advice, exercise instructions, and other strategies to help you reach your goals.

            The program is designed to help you reduce stress, improve your mood, and maintain your energy while increasing your overall fitness and health. Part of the program includes an emphasis on proper rest and recovery, as well as teaching clients how to properly fuel their bodies. Balance is key and you will be educated on the importance of a balanced diet, appropriate nutrition timing, and portion sizes.

            The program is inclusive and provides education to all types of people, regardless of their body type, age or fitness level. With this training you will learn how to modify exercises as needed, how to focus on healthy food choices, and how to track progress. The goal of Hormone Fitness Training is to help clients unlock their full potential and become their healthiest, strongest selves.

            price is based on individual needs after consultation with trainer

            you could be eligible for

            HSA / FSA


            employee wellness program

            Employee wellness virtual program provides an easy and convenient way to get employees active and invested in their health and wellbeing. Each employee is given a mobility and exercise prescription tailored to the office worker.  

            Each employee’s workbook contains nutrition, movement, sleep support recommendations and tips that they can benefit from for a lifetime. 

            What YOu Get


              • (4) Weekly Zoom Sessions
              • Workbook with mobility, nutrition coaching and sleep support sections
              • Weekly group zoom meetup 
              • Recipes for the month
              • Access to your Coach
              • Nutrition tracking app
              • Group mobility class
              • Emotional Wellness Workshop

              • Access to Registered Dietician

              Pricing varies by group size

              Contact for more details